Political poster fun

I have my doubts about the UUP/Conservative narrative, but I have to admit they have been running a good campaign so far; their special election broadcast was rather good (compared to the SDLP’s which was awful). Now they’ve pulled a beautiful stunt on the DUP, which may not get many votes but does get my applause for its chutzpah.

The DUP launched this fairly sober poster a couple of days back:

Of course, the ‘voter’ in the picture is a photographic model whose images are available in a commercial archive. The UUP/Tories therefore used another picture of her for a poster of their own:

Glorious. (Perhaps a little too wordy and cluttered, but the basic point is there.)

(Hat-tip to Unionist blogger "Bobballs", via Slugger O’Toole)

I remain sceptical as to whether the voters of Northern Ireland actually care particularly about electing members of the main Westminster parties, but I admire the way the message is being delivered.

Though in the latest development, it seems that both parties may have breached terms of use for the photographs!

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  1. Thank you! It sounds like the kind of cake I might well try making, hence the question re tin size.

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