(Pre-Worldcon) friends list meme

Bolded those of you I’ve met, at least to the extent of “hello, you must be…” in the pub; strictly I should italicise those I have spoken to on the phone but not met, however I don’t think that applies to anyone.

ajshepherd, akicif, alarielle, alexmc, alliemay, andwatagain, andyhat, ang_grrr, annafdd, artw, autopope, aynathie, banskid, barsine, blonde222, bouncingbelle, bricoleur, bring_back_food, brisingamen, britzkrieg, burkesworks, busarewski, butterbee, captain_wesker, ccfinlay, cdpoint, ceemage, chance88088, chernikovsun, cherylmorgan, chess, chilperic, coalescent, communicator, crazysoph, creaney, crystalfrog, cwgerard, cygny, dace_holenfor, daegaer, davesangel, davidstewart, deadspeaker, deannawol, dear_hubby, deborah_c, despotliz, djm4, dougs, eastethnia, eimear_rose, elise, ephiriel, etherealfionna, eugie, feorag, fjm, flemmarde, fluffcthulhu, flyingsauce, givali, greengolux, gummitch, habseligkeit, hawkida, hddod, hedgetrimmer, hells_librarian, hfnuala, ianmcdonald, ias, inner_storm, irishlass04, jacobsmills, james_nicoll, jdigital, jere7my, juleske, kate_nepveu, kcjones, kenmaher, kennedybak, kharin, kradical, kulfuldi, las, lauriemann, leedy, leex, leila_azziza, liadnan, lopt, lostcarpark, luned, major_clanger, marykaykare, megolas, mevennen, mik_yesha, min_baro, minny, mr_renaissance, mylescorcoran, nalsa, nancylebov, natural20, nhw, nickbarnes, ninebelow, nmg, nrivkis, nyphur, omegar, original_kaos, papersky, peake, pickwick, pnh, politicinternet, purple_pen, purplecthulhu, pvaneynd, qatsi, qdbii, rangerdewshine, redbird, rfmcdpei, rozk, rparvaaz, sammywol, sbisson, scattyme, seawasp, sevenorora, shsilver, shutters_i, sinclair_furie, sisterdew, slovobooks, smhwpf, sneerpout, srk1, stellanova, stilldancer, sugarimp, sulkyblue, susansugarspun, swisstone, synan, tamaranth, theferrett, thette, tnh, vnp, wiselamb, with_this_voice, wwhyte, wyvernfriend, yhlee, yourownmeretrix, zhaneel69

Who have I missed?

1 thought on “(Pre-Worldcon) friends list meme

  1. I’d recommend Gormenghast and China Mountain Zhang, definitely.
    Powers is … I don’t quite want to say minor Le Guin. Events are on a smaller scale than in some of her other books, and this is obviously deliberate. Does this mean the stories have less impact?
    Invisible Man and Thucydides I find hard to rate. They are exactly what they are.
    Thorns and Uncle Tom’s Cabin I read too long ago to remember much of.
    Vernon God Little I hated, threw it against the wall in record time.

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