Present Danger, ed. Eddie Robson

Second paragraph of third story ("Six Impossible Things", by Simon Guerrier):

He lay on the cool, hard floor, waiting for someone to make the obvious gag that their luck would have to change sometime. But no-one spoke and he couldn't hear them breathing. Just across from where he lay, something stank of burning flesh and plastic.

A collection of Bernice Summerfield short stories, set in the middle of Season 11 of the Big Finish audio adventures, which I don't seem to have written up and can't now remember much about. The two audio stories that bracket the collection are both by Eddie Robson, who provides the framing narrative as well for Present Danger as well.

The premise is that the galaxy is under attack from the time-travelling Deindum, and the book fills the space between the appearance of the alien aggressors at the end of Resurrecting the Past and the fightback in Escaping the Future. Since I had missed out on the context, the stories and collection did not work all that well for me, though there are some nice flashes – the cave museum in Kate Orman's “Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There”, and Braxiatel's use of time travel and recorded history in Lance Parkin’s “Winging It”. But really I need to catch up on the Bernice Summerfield audio thread a bit more systematically.

You can get this collection here. Next up is The Weather on Versimmon, a novel by Matthew Griffiths, set during the Road Trip stories which I do remember listening to.

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  1. I know your list is for fiction, but I am reading “Former Lives” on the story of the White Russians and what happened to them from Revolution to the Stalinist purges at present, and am gripped. Alva

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