Printer saying damn

Finally tracked this down:

“You will find us only on the very best atlases, because we are the smallest country left in Europe… a self-respecting country which deserves and sometimes achieves a colour of its own on the map – usually a dyspeptic mint green, which misses the outline of the frontier by a fraction of an inch, so that one can almost hear the printer saying damn.” – the General, in Peter Ustinov’s play Romanoff and Juliet.

One thought on “Printer saying damn

  1. It’s difficult to be entirely sure about the changes in Belfast. I would say the SDLP appear most vulnerable, in that South Belfast is likely to be changed most. But we are still a long way from the resolution.

    As for North Belfast, it’s difficult to see what areas could realistically be added to it that would not help the DUP!

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