The BBC had two completely different and completely incorrect pronunciations of the name of the NATO Secretary-General this morning.

1) “Yap de Hop Sheffer” /jæp də hɔp ʃɛfə/
2) “Djap de Hupe Sheffer” /dʒæp dɘ hʊ:p ʃɛfə/

It is of course “Jaap de Hoop Scheffer” /ja:p də ho:p sχɛfər/ but I expect he’s used to it by now.

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  1. beamjockey says:

    I’m big on the Royal Society’s lunchtime history-of-science lectures. Particularly recommended:

    Ruth Belville (The Greenwich “Time Lady”)

    Marine Archaeology and ‘Hunting the Beagle’

    Palmer’s Penguins

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