Rather Be The Devil, by Ian Rankin

Second paragraph of third chapter:

“When did he move out?” Rebus asked.

I admit it; I’m a complete Rebus addict. I had missed that there was a new Rebus novel out, but someone kind got it for me for Christmas. (I prioritised Christmas presents in my reading this month, and actually finished this two weeks ago – my blogging is some way behind my actual reading.)

It’s another good one. There is a combination of a dubious next generation criminal leader, with aspirations to become the next great Cafferty, with a cold case from the 1970s which suddenly starts warming up again. There is the micro-geography of Shandwick Place. There is tension between Rebus himself, pathologist Deborah Quant (his current girlfriend), his former sidekick and now successor Siobhan Clarke, and their competitor /colleague Malcolm Fox. My complaint is that the eastern European bad guy, mixed up in Edinburgh business, doesn’t get a lot of page time. But it is all very satisfying; good guys win, bad guys lose. You can get it here.

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  1. minnesattva says:

    I’ve shared that first link a lot today; I think it speaks to many people I know (as well as me!). Most useful thing I’ve read in a while. Thank you.

    And the second link was a fun read. 🙂 Got me thinking. Thanks for that, too.

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