Rathmore reminiscences

Idly browsing livejournals this evening, I discovered an entire clutch of them from people at my old school.

*waves* to , , , , , and . It’s rather weird to think that I left Rathmore in June ’85, before any of you were born. For the record, I did A-levels in Physics (Mr McCallion, now doing big things in education politics), Chemistry (don’t remember the teacher’s surname but his first name was Danny, quite an extrovert type), Maths (quiet woman teacher, totally forgotten her name probably no longer there) and German (Mrs Owens, who I guess may still be around). I was I think the first person from Rathmore to go on to do sciences at Oxbridge (in my case astrophysics at Cambridge), not that it did me much good as I now work in international politics.

Anyway, I’ve friended you for the time being; don’t expect a lot of comments from me particularly since I’m in London for the next couple of days (normally I live in Belgium). Time to go to bed as I’m on the 0701 Eurostar tomorrow morning; the “ghost train” as they call it round here.

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  1. Although you don’t explicitly say so, it does rather sound as if this book passes the Bechdel Test…

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