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We’ve just been to the about-to-close American bookshop in Leuven and spent vast amounts of money, as my Library Thing catalogue bears witness. This brings me to my resolutions for reading books in 2006. I made two posts this time last year about the books I hoped to read in 2005, and have to report not total success:

In this post I resolved to finish reading Crime and Punishment, Don Quixote, Little Women and The Trial. I managed the first and last of these but have not re-opened either Cervantes or Alcott. I also resolved to at least start reading some or all of The Brothers Karamazov, Catcher in the Rye, In Search of Lost Time, Mrs Dalloway, Things Fall Apart and The Tin Drum. I haven’t touched a single one of them. So, I hereby resolve to finish both Don Quixote and Little Women in 2006, and to read two of the other six.

In this post I resolved to read Foundation’s Edge, The Snow Queen and The Wanderer, completing my set of the Hugo-winning novels. I managed to read all three of them by quite early in the year. I also resolved to read all the 2005 Hugo nominees, and indeed did so. I also resolved to re-read Dangerous Visions and to read at least five of A Clockwork Orange, The Space Merchants, A Princess of Mars, City, Babel-17, Tau Zero, Grey Lensman, Again, Dangerous Visions, The Female Man, Last and First Men, Deathbird, and Dhalgren. Here I was less successful, managing only the Simak and one Delany. I therefore resolve to read five of the others in 2006. I also resolved to read a few more of the Time list of 25 must-read comics and in fact read four, all of them pretty satisfactory. I therefore resolve to read another four in 2006.

There are seven Nebula winning novels that I have not read (The Einstein Intersection, Rite of Passage, A Time of Changes, The Falling Woman, The Healer’s War, Stations of the Tide, and The Terminal Experiment). I hereby resolve to read at least four of these in 2006.

My Library Thing catalogue currently lists 130-odd books as “unread” (ie I plan to read them some day, as opposed to other books on my shelves which I doubt I will ever read). Some are already covered above. Purely for personal reference, to cross off as I read them in 2006, they are:
The True Knowledge of Ken MacLeod
Wandering Stars: An Anthology of Jewish Fantasy and Science Fiction
What Ifs? Of American History: Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been
The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen
Μακεδονία (Macedonia): A Greek Name in Modern Usage
Hotel Rwanda: Bringing the True Story of an African Hero to Film

Little women Louisa May Alcott
Trillion year spree : the history of science fiction Brian Wilson Aldiss
Sunrise Alley Catherine Asaro
Persuasion Jane Austen
After Dinner Speaking Fawcett Boom
Villette Charlotte Bronte
Bury my heart at Wounded Knee : an Indian history of the American West Dee Brown
Notes From a Small Island Bill Bryson
The Conquest of Gaul Julius Caesar
The Complete Enchanter L.Sprague De Camp
Oscar and Lucinda Peter Carey
Wild Swans Jung Chang
Alexander Hamilton Ron Chernow
The Faded Sun Trilogy C. J. Cherryh
Appleseed John Clute
Shadowkings Michael Cobley
Lord Jim Joseph Conrad
The Prince of Tides Pat Conroy
The Road from Coorain Jill Ker Conway
The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane
Astra and Flondrix Seamus Cullen
Daughter of the Drow Elaine Cunningham
The Age of Kali William Dalrymple
The Ill-Made Mute Cecilia Dart-Thornton
Dhalgren Samuel R. Delany
The Prisoner Thomas M Disch
The great English pilgrimage Christopher Donaldson
The Man in the Iron Mask Alexandre Dumas
Teranesia Greg Egan
The Mill on the Floss George Eliot
The Enchanted Isles K.C. Flynn
The Wreck of the River of Stars Michael Flynn
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire Amanda Foreman
Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman

Fortunata and Jacinta Benito Perez Galdos
Jennie Paul Gallico
The Mabinogion Jeffrey Gantz
White Crow Mary Gentle
The epic of Gilgamesh
Rocks of Ages Stephen Jay Gould
Sacred Visions Andrew M. Greeley
Misspent Youth Peter F. Hamilton
First Man the Life of Neil Armstrong James Hansen
The go-between L. P. Hartley
This Was Not Our War Swanee Hunt
Never Let Me Go Kazuo Ishiguro
Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 Tony Judt
Sailing to Sarantium Guy Gavriel Kay
The Way to Babylon Paul Kearney
The Prisoner of Chillon James Patrick Kelly
800 Years of Womens Letters Olga Kenyon
Athens-Skopje: An Uneasy Symbiosis Evangelos Kofos
Crooked little heart Anne Lamott
Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century Mark Leonard
The Search for Roots Primo Levi
The pilgrim’s regress C. S Lewis
Shutterbug Follies Jason Little
Red Branch Morgan Llywelyn
No great mischief Alistair MacLeod
Learning the World Ken MacLeod
Endgame in Ireland Eamonn Mallie
The Sunday Philosophy Club Alexander McCall Smith
The Kalahari typing school for men Alexander McCall Smith
The full cupboard of life Alexander McCall Smith
Southern Fire Juliet McKenna
The Bessarabian Question in Communist Historiography Wim P. Van Meurs
Three to see the king Magnus Mills
Once in a Blue Moon Magnus Mills
The Cornelius Quartet Michael Moorcock
Spin State Chris Moriarty
Beloved Toni Morrison
Cities of salt Abd al-Rahman Munif
Dreams of the Compass Rose [Excerpt] Vera Nazarian
God’s Clockmaker John North
Democratisation in Southeast Europe Dusan Pavlovic
The English: A Portrait of a People Jeremy Paxman
Master of Earth and Water Diana L. Paxson
Kosova Express James Pettifer
A hat full of sky Terry Pratchett
Science Fiction and Postmodern Fiction: A Genre Study Barbara Puschmann-Nalenz
The Crying of Lot 49 Thomas Pynchon
The Duke And I Julia Quinn
Blind Voices Tom Reamy
The triumph of the West J. M. Roberts
Gilead Marilynne Robinson
Quidditch through the ages J. K. Rowling
The God of Small Things Arundhati Roy
Blindness Jose Saramago
The Shore of Women Pamela Sargent
The embarrassment of riches Simon Schama
The Reader Bernhard Schlink
Malachy Brian Scott
England’s Troubles Jonathan Scott
The lovely bones Alice Sebold
Wilt In Nowhere Tom Sharpe
Hitchhiker : A Biography of Douglas Adams M.J. Simpson
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies Alexander McCall Smith
Galactic Patrol E. E. Smith
Grey Lensman E. E. Doc Smith
Second Stage Lensmen E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith
The Stories of Elizabeth Spencer Elizabeth Spencer
The Druid King Norman Spinrad
Last and first men Olaf Stapledon
The System of the World Neal Stephenson
The lady of the shroud Bram Stoker

Star songs of an old primate James Tiptree
Resurrection Leo Tolstoy
Music & silence Rose Tremain
Alternate Generals Harry Turtledove
Great War Breakthroughs Harry Turtledove
The Art of War Sun Tzu
The Devil’s Highway Luis Alberto Urrea
Battle of Forever A E Van Vogt
The color purple Alice Walker
The Discovery of the Germ John Waller
The revolution of the saints Michael Walzer
Joan of Arc : the image of female heroism Marina Warner
National Lampoon’s Doon Ellis Weiner
The Secret Visitors James White
The Happy Prince and Other Tales Oscar Wilde
Peace Gene Wolfe
In Search of the Dark Ages Michael Wood
The Phoenix Exultant John C. Wright
The Golden Transcendence John C. Wright
Islam in Azerbaijan Arif Yunusov
An intimate history of humanity Theodore Zeldin
Hidden Camera Zoran Živković

Getting through a third of them, including especially the history ones, seems a reasonable target.

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