Rescued from another long-dead blog

Gary Westfahl’s essay on the malign influence of science fiction causing the Columbia crash has drawn a predictably vitrolic set of responses from readers of Locus Online. I thought it was not such an offensive piece, but a little silly and even presumputuous in suggesting that the creators and consumers of sf as a genre bear some kind of collective guilt for the Columbia disaster. I see the normally sensible Anna Feruglio Dal Dan declaring that Westfahl put her off subscribing to Interzone. That’s a bit harsh – I’d choose Evelyn Lewes as my preferred reason for unsubscribing!

One thought on “Rescued from another long-dead blog

  1. No, no, no, no, no, under no circumstances, no.

    Professional probity be damned, if I ever meet the guy who directed it (which is moderately likely given my career) I may well end up giving him a detailed critique of his work. At high volume.

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