Robot Dreams, by Isaac Asimov

Second paragraph of third story (“Breeds There a Man…?”):

He was saying, “That’s right! He came in here and said, ‘Put me in jail, because I want to kill myself.’[”]

I have fallen out of love with Asimov much more than any of the other authors whose work I inhaled as a teenager, mainly because I hate cute robots, for which he may not be single-handedly responsible but for which he clearly bears the lion’s share of the blame. However, this collection went some way to reconciling me. The stories I liked least were those I had read last year in The Complete RobotThe Dinner, by Hermann Koch.

One thought on “Robot Dreams, by Isaac Asimov

  1. I wonder if that will appear in a future series of the BBC’s ‘Ambassadors’ comedy?

    Have you seen that? Another diplomatic pal swears that’s close to being a documentary – makes you wonder who Mitchell and Webb have been taking out to lunch 🙂

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