School Reunion: some reactions

I’ve compiled a list of School Reunion entires from other people’s LJ’s, not just my own f-list but following links from comments to other pages. Haven’t done it systematically but some highlights that caught my eye below:

To start off with, I’m with :

Oh, I am so relieved that Doctor Who was good this week. This is the kind of stuff I want to see. A really excellent episode. What a relief. Delivered on all accounts I think.

And :

Well, that was practically perfect in every way.

And :

Sarah Jane! Sarah Jane! Sarah Jane! And done so well, not only acting but writing. And how the Doctor was so pleased to see her, though he couldn’t let her know who he was, though he gave her a hint with his “John Smith” line. And how she figured it out as soon as she saw the TARDIS.

To which revealingly adds:

Oh, Sarah Jane. Never watched a single DW episode before the new series, so I can’t even imagine how cool seeing her must be for Old School Whovians, but she is so clearly Teh Awesome. The fact she never quite managed to move on is both inevitable and heart-breaking. And yet, how amazing is it that she wouldn’t change the experience for the world? She’s right, some things *are* worth getting your heart broken for.


Now we begin to see that the Doctor not only has his own agendas, but also quite frivolously wrecks lives, by picking up mere mortals, putting them through what is essentially the most exciting kind of whirlwind romance (a one night stand surely, from the perspective of a Time Lord) and dumping them, before he has to watch them wither and age. Not for their sake, but for his.

comments in reply to :

It also explained why they gave the Doctor delusions of godhood last week – so that the temptation scene this week would be even more effective. (The programme has always borrowed ideas from all over, but last night’s was the first that I can recall to borrow from the New Testament, with the Doctor in the role of Christ and Finch in the role of the Devil.)


that little moment where Rose reaches for the sonic screwdriver, but Ten is already handing it to Sarah


The in-story isn’t gendered but it is being presented in a gendered way, specifically about female ageing. I try not to get all FemLitCrit too often, because I think it’s over-used and often whiny, but seriously, would they have written the same story for Peter Purves? (if PP had been dumped the same way and had a longer history). Would RTD have directed the confrontation to be written like a ‘Sex And The City’ scene? Actually, imagining Peter Purves in all these scenes is very funny. Here he is, geting outraged at being left behind, bitching about school lessons with Rose and then getting a ginormous huggle. Cheering me up no end. Especially if you imagine it all in a big aran jumper.

See also vast comment thread over at ‘s invoking comparison with Whedon and Highlander, and the usual indepth from the Behind the Sofa crew. Minority views from here and coleberg.

I’m with the majority here, for all the reasons mentioned above.

It is getting increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that Billie Piper has not featured once in this season’s Doctor Who Confidentials. Anyone know what the story is there?

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