Search Me!

Or rather, searching on my name at produces some gratifying results; apart from the book-of-my-thesis and another one I co-edited, the new internal search facility finds:

  • The book-of-my-thesis cited as an authority on the relationship between religion and science in Taking Flight: Inventing the Aerial Age from Antiquity Through the First World War by Richard P. Hallion, and as scientific commentary in the ‘Ithaca’ chapter of Joyce’s Revenge: History, Politics, and Aesthetics in Ulysses by Andrew Gibson
  • My chapter in the book I co-edited, cited for obvious history-of-science reasons in History of Irish Thought by Thomas Duddy and in John Wilson Foster’s chapter, “Changes of Address: Tyndall, Darwin and the Ulster Presbyterians” in Hearts and Minds: Irish Culture and Society Under the Act of Union edited by Bruce Stewart
  • my article on the history of astrology in History of Astronomy : An Encyclopedia edited by John Lankford and Marc Rothenberg (Editor)
  • I turn up as a character in Twilight Whispers, a romantic novel by Barbara Delinsky: There was the oldest, Nicholas Whyte, somber yet dashing, the heir apparent to the Whyte Estate, and his wife, Angie, a stunning woman who had been the casue of many a broken heart when she had removed Nicholas from the ranks of the eligible many years before.

And one or two other odd ends that don’t seem to actually have my name in them but are pulled up by the search engine anyway. Fun.

One thought on “Search Me!

  1. Hmm, don’t think I knew most of that – obviously need to brush up on my lore. I can only really judge from what appeared on the screen. So it’s reassuring that this wasn’t a planned snub to the UNIT years (you can imagine how that thought would have gratified the precursors of those who believe in the RTD v Moffatt feud), but still disappointing that it worked out that way on screen.

    (The idea of a Baker/Martin script being unproduceable is all too plausible.)

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