Second Friday Quiz

As spotted, the answer to the quiz is Bulgaria. The countries are listed in order of their international dialling codes:

+30 Greece
+31 Netherlands
+32 Belgium
+33 France
+34 Spain
+351  Portugal
+352  Luxembourg
+353  Ireland
+354  Iceland
+355  Albania
+356  Malta
+357  Cyprus
+358  Finland
+359  Bulgaria

OK, here’s another one. What is the tenth in this sequence?

  1. deutsch
  2. english
  3. français
  4. italiano
  5. nederlands
  6. dansk
  7. ελληνικά
  8. español
  9. português

[Edited to add: The correct answer is suomi [finnish] as guessed by . They are the EU official languages as they appear on translation booths in the European Parliament – worked out the question, but got the wrong answer.]

One thought on “Second Friday Quiz

  1. Even Tat’s envious that I went to that (although all I did was hang out on the Restoration Team’s bulletin board and get a ticket when Mark Ayers promoted them). 😉

    I think the best thing about it was being in a room of people who were at least as geeky about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop as I am. Nothing they played needed any introduction or justification (although some of it got some anyway), as everyone in the audience pretty much knew what it was and why it mattered.

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