Seeing in the New Year

We had a very nice evening last night; F’s friend Bt and his mother and her partner came over and organised a raclette evening for us in our own kitchen, for which we were also joined by and his fiancée. At midnight we spilled out onto the street to watch the fireworks, the little boys jumping up and down with wild excitement, and our Francophone neighbours came over to share the excitement. So we had four languages being spoken as 2008 began, with Bt and his family chattering away in Dutch, the neighbours talking to us in French, and the future Mrs on the phone in Hungarian to her family in Slovakia. Great fun, but getting up this morning was a slow process!

One thought on “Seeing in the New Year

  1. I’ve travelled a few times with Japan Airlines, and also had good service.

    However, now travelling as a father of one, my views on service have changed enormously – it’s all about how they accommodate our wee boy. Had a good experience with Malaysian last year – going to see how BA is this month.

    I do also wonder how they gather the stats. I’ve had good experience with KLM and Air France too – but maybe I’m not very picky.

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