Seen in passing

  1. The Head Heeb on elections in Niue – two seats may have to be decided by pulling names out of a hat. Chief electoral officer Togia Sioneholo is interviewed by journalist Caroline Tiriman:
    Journalist: Is that a fair system?
    Electoral Officer: I’m not sure what is a fair system. Certainly, to the candidate it won’t be a fair system. But it certainly is a very cost-effective system.
    Journalist: Why do you say that?
    Electoral Officer: Because we don’t have to conduct another election or by-election to determine a successful candidate – it’s just a matter of pulling it out of a hat.
  2. Dan Savage’s readers give advice to 15-year-old girls on how to get dates (with boys, mostly):
    My advice: Sit in their laps. It worked for me. But choose the laps carefully. Sit in one or two laps at most. Any guy you date at 15 is an experiment, not your husband.
  3. I once, long, long ago, worked on a Northamptonshire archaeology site with a bloke called David Szondy. I wonder if this is him? He seems to be a playwright and book dealer somewhere in America now.

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