September Books 1) Doctor Who Short Trips [6]: Past Tense

1) Doctor Who Short Trips [6]: Past Tense, ed. Ian Farrington

A bit more of a mixed bag than the two other collections I’ve read in this series, with some real turkeys – the nadir of the collection, interestingly, is an eight-page sketch which doesn’t appear to have been properly finished, by none other than Eric Saward. But there are some very good ones too, mostly sticking to the remit of setting stories in the past of earth’s history (though, of course, this is true of many Doctor Who stories anyway). I especially liked Jonathan Morris’ reconstruction, via Doctor Who Monthly and other sources, of an otherwise forgotten First Doctor story where Robin Hood turns out to be a) Ian’s double and b) a git. John Binns’ story about the annexation of the Transvaal in 1877 puzzled me at first but had a great punchline. The rest are all (or almost all) OK. (The one about Shakespeare and Marlowe is inconsistent with Empire of Glass, but what the hey.)