September Books 1) The English Way of Death, by Gareth Roberts

The last Fourth Doctor book on my list! I’ve read all the 45 novelisations (counting The Pescatons and both versions of Shada and The Stones of Blood), 7 annuals, 12 Past Doctor Adventures, 8 Missing Adventures including this one, and a dismal Telos novella. Though that still leaves some of the comics collections.

It’s a fairly standard story, with zombies and a disembodies evil mist, but gives some excellent lines to the Doctor, Romana and K9, as they romp around the English countryside of the 1930s saving the world again. What makes it of interest for New Who fans is that Gareth Roberts used the same time period for the Ten/Donna TV story The Unicorn and the Wasp – it doesn’t lean too heavily on the earlier book, but the background is there if you care to look for it.