September Books 12) Brother Berserker

12) Brother Berserker, by Fred Saberhagen

Now, this is more like the sort of light escapism that I require. You have these killer alien robots, right, called berserkers, and they’re attacking this human-colonised planet, right, which is, like, unique because it’s the only place in the universe where time travel is possible. Apparently. Oh yeah, and because of a bizarre accident with the first spaceship that ever landed there, the locals have recapitulated the whole of the history of European civilisation with uncanny accuracy.

Having set up this slightly pulpish – OK, totally pulpish – background, it turns into rather a good book – actually a collection of three short stories originally published in 1967, the first set in the Stone Age, the second in an equivalent of the Viking era, and the third retelling the story of Galileo. I think I picked it up second-hand for less than a pound, a year or so ago, and I’ve certainly paid more for books I enjoyed less.

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