Short Trips: A Day In The Life, ed. Ian Farrington

Second paragraph of third story (“Undercurrents”, by Gary Merchant):

He [Jamie] looked up though half-closed eyes. ‘Zoe? What’s the matter? It’s the middle of the night.’

Another in the generally good series of anthologies by Big Finish, this one leaning a lot more on Big Finish’s own continuity and thus a bit less on TV Who (though Nev Fountain’s “The Five O’Clock Shadow” bridges the TV and comics versions of the First Doctor, with the Cushing Doctor Who thrown in as well). I did not really understand what the theme was here, except perhaps that all the stories take place at different times of day, and the last one appeared to loop back to the first. The two that really stood out for me were Richard Salter’s “Waiting for Jeremy”, where the First Doctor demonstrates to Steven that rewriting time is not straightforward or even desirable, and the romp “Morphology” by Phil Pascoe, in the Third Doctor and Jo, along with a UNIT soldier called Osgood, become entangled in a situation where all vowels except ‘o’ are removed from the universe. (Pascoe’s only other Who writing credit is the similarly linguistic early Big Finish audio …ish.)

Next in this sequence: Short Trips: The Solar System, edited by Gary Russell.

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  1. I wonder– but I never watch football games, and therefore I never see halftime shows– do marching bands ever perform this song?

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