Short Trips: Monsters, ed. Ian Farrington

Second paragraph of third story (“Last Rites”, by Marc Platt):

‘All remaining passengers are advised that Flight 600386W, the 1830 hours to Sehebra Space Junction, is now boarding at Gate 91. This is the final personnel flight from Epajaenda Resource Sphere. There are no more flights after this. Remaining time to planetary closure six hours and 45 minutes.’

Didn;t grab me as strongly as some of the previous volumes in this series, with some stories (like Marc Platt’s) trying too hard and others not trying at all. I did particularly like the very first story, “Best Seller” by Ian Mond and Danny Oz, which has the Eighth Doctor and Chaley pollard encountering a evil book in Australia, and a long satire on reality TV, “Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life” by Anthony Keetch which has the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa faced with a cult sf show on contemporary Earth. I note also a story set in 14th-century Ireland, “Screamager” by Jacqueline Rayner, which brings the Second Doctor and Victoria into contact with the Black Death and is nice enough from the character point of view but not hugely historically satisfactory.

One thought on “Short Trips: Monsters, ed. Ian Farrington

  1. Of these stories Kinda and Earthshock are the ones I remember fondly. The spooky buddhist mind-stuff and anti-colonial message in Kinda was very impressive to teenage me, while Earthshock had a great action adventure quality that more mature rewatches might not be kind to.

    I saw Castrovalva again recently and was very disappointed. The pacing is all wrong and it has this ludicrous episode ending where the Master shows up on a monitor to laugh maniacally at them. The look of it is great, though, as is the episode 3 cliffhanger (which I think would have been the episode 2 cliffhanger in a properly paced story).

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