Site update

Back in the spring of 1998, when I was sort of half way between jobs in Banja Luka, I set up a website dealing with the 1998 elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly. I’ve just finished the more or less final version of a major upgrade which included a British government grant and two research assistants, and I’m rather pleased with it. Also it’s just in time for the elections to the next Assembly due at the end of November. The site now has over 200 pages and lives on a special server in Derry (having originally been based in Vancouver and then moved to Seattle and Las Vegas, where my home page still resides). A feeling of accomplishment though I expect it will be a tough November what with work and the elections simultaneously.

One thought on “Site update

  1. I have empathized greatly in reading about your dental tribulations over the years. I am a fellow sufferer and have more crowns than many of the royal houses in Europe. I can confidently attest that in Los Angeles you would have paid at least a couple of hundred dollars for the same level of treatment. I wonder if they have a direct flight from LA to Chişinău?


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