Sore tooth and things

I have a sore tooth. It’s the one that was completely replaced at huge expense last year after I broke it on an olive stone. I am seeing the dentist at lunchtime, and hope that they will sort it out.

Meanwhile I have been fighting fungus on various parts of my body. The outcropping under my left big toenail has been killed by fungicide and is growing out. The infection on my face seems to have died down for now. And a small patch on my tummy is now disappearing too.

Meanwhile here are a couple of interesting links:

I’m Glad I’m A Boy! I’m Glad I’m A Girl! Difficult to believe that this dates from as late as 1970. (hat-tip to .)

Of minority interest (though a minority well-represented among my readers): An Irishman’s Difficulties with the Dutch Language, by “Cuey-na-Gael” (real name the Rev. Dr. J. Irwin Brown); full text on-line.

Book meme to come.

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