Sort-of job interview

So, I had a chat with a lobbyist firm this afternoon. I’ve known them for a while, but never quite got to deal with them much. My former assistant now works for them (her London job proved less attractive). For me this was an “informational interview” to sound out what someone with my skill-set might be able to do in the private sector.

Well, it turned out rather interesting; they said that one of their weaknesses, globally speaking, was that they don’t have enough people with experience of dealing with European governments and the EU institutions. I expressed interest; they expressed further interest; I have to write them a formal application letter next week, and they may well be in a position to make me a decent offer.

They were also rather interested in blogging, which they see as an important addition to the lobbyist’s set of tools (and again, admitted that there was nobody currently in their Brussels office who really understands it).

So, we’ll see. Other options appear to have gone off the boil right now; and the more I think about it, the more I realise that if I stay in the NGO sector I’m now at the level where I’ll have to spend lots of my time fund-raising, which I hate. So perhaps this may be another option…

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