Story from the Northern Ireland election count

One of my former party colleagues back home shares a local council constituency with a much-disliked but long-serving councillor from another party, who I will refer to here as Joe McPrick. This was what happened at the count:

My “funny moment” was while we were checking the spoiled ballots.

We were all crowded round the table as the officials went through them one at a time to agree they were spoiled.

I was beside one of the young DUP counting agents who, amazingly, had quite a sense of humour.

As they turned over the ballots one surfaced which said “End Sectarian Politics NOW!!!” and he said to me, “Now, surely that’s one for you!”

The next paper had a large and detailed phallic drawing on it and, without missing a beat, he said, “And there’s one for Joe McPrick.”

It was hilarious – everyone heard it but nobody could bring themselves to look round and see if Joe was in ear shot. Even the staff struggled to keep straight faced and professional.

So, folks, the lesson is that if you spoil your ballot, people will read it. And remember it for about thirty seconds.

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