Well, I have very nearly caught up with myself after my 17-day trip which included five countries, five hotels and three overnight flights. I can’t write much here about the actual trip to Juba, but I can share with you some of the photographs I took (below the cut):

This is me in front of the Nile, looking toward the Juba Bridge, taken at Da Vinci’s restaurant

These are my colleagues G and S, old Africa hands both, at our (second) hotel; it was my first trip to the continent, but both of them have been living and working in Africa for over thirty years

We paid our respects at the tomb of the leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, Dr John Garang, killed in a helicopter crash four years ago shortly after he had signed the treaty that ended the long-running war

Dr John Garang’s principles live on

Robert, our (Kenyan) taxi driver – call him on +249 955 037 341

The White Nile (properly the Bahr al Jabal) and Juba, from the air

Village seen from the air

The Ethiopian restaurant where I had my first injera and wot

The mango tree I blogged about

Lizard seen in the forecourt of the hotel

Another lizard – different species?

Hope I go back some day.

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    Well, I think it’s in keeping with the possibility that some parts of the Aubrey-Maturin universe are, well, imaginary.

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