Sunday Times on Flann O’Brien

here. This review-in-advance of tonight’s RTE documentary celebrates “the singular vision of The Third Policeman, with its amoral murderer lost in a hellish world where garda sergeants are more bike than man, thanks to molecular exchange. It is as bleak and morbidly funny as anything by Beckett, only more recognisably Irish: hell looks alarmingly like the midlands, and all the blacker for that.”

Hat-tip to Bookslut, who reviews The Third Policeman here.

Those of you who are able to watch the documentary, please let me know what it is like!

One thought on “Sunday Times on Flann O’Brien

  1. I think it is unfair on Thucydides to blame him directly. I bet most researchers in International Relations haven’t studied Thucydides, they have made their mistakes independently of him. Fairy tales are like that.

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