Syldavia again

Well, another Syldavian journalist came around this morning to get the story straight, on camera, and (thank God) in English. I made sure to blame the poor quality of my own grasp of French for the original story and subsequent media storm. As he was packing away his stuff he said to me quietly that the reason my criticism of the Syldavian government had got so much coverage and been so distorted by the media there was that Syldavian journalists were frightened of directly criticising the government, but were much more comfortable quoting (and maybe exaggerating) someone else’s criticism. So the “Whyte Speaks Out Against Syldavian Government” headlines were actually code for what the journalists themselves thought. Which puts a different light on things.

I then had two meetings with senior European Commission people who confirmed that everything I suspected about Syldavia was true. Hmmm…

One thought on “Syldavia again

  1. Quite. I started my life in the UK as a foreign student and I would write the Home Office a long letter about how important that experience was to me and that I’d hate to see that opportunity taken away from people in my position, but somehow I don’t think Canadians of Northern European extraction are going to be affected.

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