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Thanks to note on JK Rowling’s admiration for Jessica Mitford, and his link to her cover version of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, I have now become aware of her brief singing collaboration with Maya Angelou. From her obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Mitford’s resonance is complemented by Angelou’s wide-ranging harmony as both lace their performance with intriguing Cockney accents. As they follow the adventures of two frustrated furniture movers (“After striving, heaving and complaining (pronounced complaye-ning) we was getting nowhere”) in “Right, Said Fred”), one can’t help thinking of early Sonny and Cher recordings.

One thought on “Tell me it ain’t so…

  1. I ticked the Gormenghast trilogy but didn’t like it much (was lent it by a young man I rather liked at school), and have never felt any inclination to reread it.

    I enjoyed the Jacqueline Carey Banewreaker/Godslayer duo very much; I assume you have already read Banewreaker. I only discovered Carey this year (the first Kushiel trilogy) and have been working my way through the library stock.

    Tom’s Midnight Garden was a childhood favourite but I’ve not read it in 20 years.

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