Thanks, but no thanks

Has anyone else received a spam mail like this?

Hi $blogger,

I was just looking at $your_blog, and I thought that you might be interested in a campaign that $PR_company is running for $the_film_I’m_pimping, a new environmentally focused film by $big_name_movie_star.

The movie includes visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet’s ecosystems, and features insight gathered from over 70 scientists, designers, historians and thinkers.

Since your site focuses on travel, I thought that you might like to use this movie to start a discussion on the dangers our environment is facing, and the steps that we can take to make sure there are plenty of beautiful places left in the world for both our and our children’s travels.

“$the_film_I’m_pimping examines the human relationship with Earth from its earliest glimmers of innovation, to the challenges humanity faces in the present, to the possibilities of the future”. – $the_film_I’

If you are interested in covering the release of this movie on your site, I can provide you with a customized player that can be easily embedded into your site. It features the trailer, exclusive scenes, and a “Take Action” section where viewers can find out more about various environmental organizations. I can also provide you with a variety of banners and other creative that you can use to promote the film.

For more information about $the_film_I’m_pimping, as well as the social movement that this film hopes to bring about, check out the $the_film_I’m_pimping community at http://www.$the_film_I’ Also, take a look at the trailer for an idea of just how powerful this movie is going to be: http://www.$$the_film_I’m_pimping/player.html .

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please send me an email and I’ll be glad to help you out. Thanks!

DTI Manager

I must say that if I were $big_name_movie_star, I would be asking for my money back from $PR_company. I regard this email as spam, an unsolicited commercial approach from someone with whom I have no previous relationship, and it has all the hallmarks of an automated message; the personalisation is so half-hearted as to verge on the offensive. (True, they are not actually trying to sell anything to me directly, but they are attempting to get me to advertise their film, as well as to “bring about” a “social movement”.)

I am sympathetic to the political ends, but the means suck, and there is no way I am participating in this.

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