The Death of Bigga Dean

I am always intrigued by people who share my exact birth date, and also people who share my name. Through Google Alerts I learn that Nicholas Whyte, better known as Bigga Dean, was killed by the Jamaican police earlier today. Another namesake serving in the US Army (also of Jamaican background, as it happens) was killed in Iraq a few years ago. I am glad to have survived this far.

One thought on “The Death of Bigga Dean

  1. Fascinating! I like the commentary that goes along with the photos.

    (I’ve paid my way through university by programming a system to digitise old glass negative photographs — mainly from Van de Poll, a society photographer from the 1930’s. The photos and the descriptions are now part of the National Archives — I recognise quite a few of these! My interest in old photos was born then.
    And when we visited Iceland in 1997, we found out afterwards that we had taken almost the exact same photo as Van de Poll of Thingvellir — except in his photo the vacation home of the Danish prime minister still existed.)

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