The DWM poll

For those of you who care what I listed in my response to Doctor Who Monthly’s poll:

TV Specials
The Next Doctor: 7/10
Planet of the Dead: 6/10
The Waters of Mars: 7/10
The End of Time: 8/10 

Doctor Who Books – Fiction
Realised that the only ones published in 2009 which I have read are the ten Darksmith Legacy books, and decided not to vote for them. (The others are Prisoner of the Daleks, Judgement of the Judoon, The Slitheen Excursion, Autonomy, The Krillitane Storm, The Taking of Chelsea 426, The Sontaran Games, Short Trips: Indefinable Magic, Short Trips: Recollections, The Doctor Who Stories [the good bits from The Doctor Who Files], and The Doctor Who Storybook 2010.)

Doctor Who Books – Non-Fiction
Only one I have read published in 2009 is the second edition of About Time 3, which gets my vote.

Doctor Who Audio Dramas (Big Finish)
First and second choices were easy; third place was a close call with The Cannibalists, The Drowned World and The Eternal Summer
1) The Mahogany Murderers
2) Death in Blackpool
3) Key 2 Time – The Destroyer of Delights

Doctor Who Audio Releases (BBC)
Again an easy ranking esp since I haven’t got any of the audio novelisations:
1) Beautiful Chaos
2) The Eyeless
3) Hornet’s Nest 1: The Stuff of Nightmares

Doctor Who DVD releases a) favourite release of 2009
1) The War Games
2) The Deadly Assassin
3) The Rescue/The Romans

Doctor Who DVD releases b) favourite special feature
All three of mine are from the War Games DVD:
1) Talking About Regeneration
2) On Target – Malcolm Hulke
3) Devious

Doctor Who DVD releases c) Most wanted DVD release
1) Terror of the Zygons
2) Terror of the Autons
3) The Tenth Planet
Despite my general lack of enthusiasm for the Pertwee era I have to admit that there are some significant gaps in the currently available range; if we can have the whole Sixth Doctor era, then why not Day of the Daleks or The DæmonsThe Gunfighters as a guilty pleasure, but no, if I can choose The Tenth Planet then I think it gets priority.
(And can we pay them not to release The Dominators?)

The rest of the poll questions are all to do with DWM itself, and I think I need to start reading it more thoroughly before expressing a judgement.

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  1. I was impressed when I went to a market in Bruges and one of the stall holders switched effortlessly between French, German, Flemish and English. I wondered if he also knew Japanese (given the number of Japanese tourists also in attendance.)

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