The Empty Child

Since this is the episode currently rated best on the dynamic rankings site – even ahead of The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Genesis of the Daleks, and everyone was telling me at Worldcon how great it was (but sadly it was broadcast when I was at the wedding), I was very much looking forward to it. And there are lots of fantastic moments – Jack’s “nice bottom” lines, the “Marxism in action or a West End musical” line, the “mauve alert” were all very funny; and the “Are you my mummy” child was every bit as scary and effective as I had guessed it must be. Plus also a decent cliff-hanger, and good sense of pacing. Good summaries here and here.

But there were two bits that jarred. The “psychic paper” seemed straight out of Coupling, by the same author of course, and indeed had a certain similarity to the Truth Snake. And the Doctor’s “tiny damp island” speech really grated for me; completely out of place with the normal tone of DW.

And I never caught the “Bad Wolf” reference, if there was one. Anyone care to enlighten me?

So, operationally, what episode should those of us who care about these things collectively throw our weight behind in the nominations for next year’s Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)? I still haven’t seen The Doctor Dances, but I don’t think it will change my view that the one to back is Dalekfive separate posts around the time of the first broadcast). Of course, youse can all nominate what you like; but I think a little discussion ahead of time does no harm at all!

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  1. yiskah says:

    I have no experience with the Global Fund, but I certainly agree with you on UNICEF – in fact I’d be hard-pressed to describe any UN agency as being good value for money, though perhaps that’s my own bias showing (and my ire for UNICEF isn’t as intense as my ire for UNHCR or UNDP).

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