The Four Things anti-meme

The four things meme has been going round again; my answers to it now are not sufficiently different from when I did it two years ago to be worth recording again.

But here’s a different version, seen on a locked entry on my friends-list, copied from a locked entry by someone else:

Four  jobs I didn’t get

Director of Political Party operations for the OSCE mission in Kosovo (actually was offered it but turned it down). Representative of North Belfast after the 1996 elections. Executive Director of ISIS Europe. Adviser to a European Commissioner.

Four films I didn’t even get to the end of

Twelfth Night. Comedy of Errors. The Fisher King. Can’t think of a fourth.

Four places I haven’t lived

Kosovo, Cyprus, Washington DC, Africa

Four TV shows that I don’t watch that everybody keeps going on about

SGA. Ashes to Ashes. 24. Heroes.

Four places I haven’t been

Africa. South America. The Pacific. Latvia.

Four people who I wish would stop e-mailing me

The Spark application on Facebook. All the other applications on Facebook. Shelfari. That weird bloke who used to hang around the college chapel in Cambridge.

Four of my least favourite foods

Spinach. Spinach. Spinach. Spinach.

Four places I would hate to be right now

Outside (because it’s cold). Antarctica (because it’s colder). Iraq. Chad.

Four things that I am not looking forward to this year

Actually rather difficult to think about the immediate future in such negative terms. Try it if you like though.

Four authors I’m patently not going to read no matter how you go on about them

Nora Roberts. Laurell K. Hamilton. Chuck Palahniuk. Charlaine Harris.

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