The “I, CLAVDIVS” drinking game

From here.

1 quaff for:

  • Banishments in General
  • Executions in General
  • Suicide in General
  • Adultery in General
  • Orgies

2 quaffs for:

  • Murders & Assassinations in General
  • Poisonings in Particular
  • Incest
  • Omens and Sibyls

3 quaffs for:

  • Assassinations/Poisoning of Emperors (w/accompanying appropriate food if poisoned– see below)
  • Banishment of Julia
  • Starvation of Livilla
  • Livia Becoming a Goddess
  • The Winner of Messalina and Sylla’s Contest

Many quaffs (drain that goblet!) for:

  • That –uh– thing Caligula does at the end of Episode 9 “Zeus, By Jove” (we don’t want to give it away if you’ve never seen the series before.)
  • “Not my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Eat a Fig for:

  • Poisoning by Fig

Eat a Mushroom for:

  • Poisoning by Mushroom


  • Hum “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again” at the first appearance on screen of Livilla and of Nero (Agrippinilla’s son — don’t be thrown off by the many other characters who have Nero tacked onto their name somewhere) You deserve ten gold stars for knowing why.
  • Yell “Make it so” at Sejanus at some point.
  • Brandish Boiled Asparagus for: You’ll know.