The Ice Warriors

Actually finished listening to this mid-week, but due to pressure of other things have been only slowly catching up with reviews. Four out of six episodes survive, and perhaps I should give it another chance by watching them (I may even spend some time on the BBC’s photonovelParanoia role-playing game. And the technobabble and had-waving science was pleasingly incomprehensible, thus not getting in the way of enjoying the show.

So, willing to be convinced about this one, but not yet convinced I’m afraid. We are listening to “Fury From The Deep” while driving at the moment. Irritatingly my car stereo doesn’t play my MP3 CDs of the two Yeti stories. Are they reasonably easy to convert into ordinary CD format and re-burn? Or should I just listen to them on the computer?

One thought on “The Ice Warriors

  1. I had one to comment on others’ Tumblr posts.

    Then I created another one to test something and had the first one banned (I’m still not sure why). That meant that on some Tumblr pages, but not all, it tried to redirect to a page apparently about being banned; one of these pages was the page about being banned, so visiting Tumblr became rather a frustrating exercise.

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