The Invasion – first take

I got back from my work trip to find the new DVD of The Invasion waiting for me. Episode 1 is one of those for which the original video footage has been lost, and only the soundtrack survives. The DVD, however, includes an animation of the style used by the BBC for the Scream of the Shalka and Shada for it, and while it is not a patch on watching real actors deliver their lines, it is much more satisfactory than either soundtrack alone, or the animations generated by fans, or following along the BBC photonovels while trying to listen to the words. Well done to the animators; will report back on the full thing once I have finished watching (but two episodes this evening were enough for me).

One thought on “The Invasion – first take

  1. The Things is the only short story I have read in the last year that made me post about it I liked it so much. Glad to see it on the list, I thought it was terrific.

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