The Langbehn-Pond tragedy

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  1. stina_leicht says:

    Love that book. While I was working in the kids section of BookPeople I once had a mom ask me where that book was shelved among the children’s books. “I can’t find it.” I told her there was a reason for that. “It’s an adult book.” She blinked at me, confused. I asked why she wanted a copy. She said it was for her 12 year-old daughter. Her daughter and her friends loved the film and so, decided to read the book. “Ah,” I said. “The book is far more cynical about true love. But you know what? It’ll be good for them. Might give them a more realistic view of romance. Just be prepared. Oh, and you might want to read it yourself, first.” We walked down to the adult fantasy section, laughing together.

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