The language is Irish, not Gaelic

points us to an article in today’s Guardian about the extent to which Irish is understood in Ireland. She is rightly enraged by the fact that although the author of the article refers to the language as “Irish” throughout, the sub-editor has put in a headline stating, incorrectly, that “Gaelic is the first official language of Ireland”. It isn’t. In fact Gaelic isn’t a language, it’s three languages (and a game of football). Lord knows, I’m not a big fan of the decision to make it an EU official language earlier this week, but let’s at least get the terminology right!

One thought on “The language is Irish, not Gaelic

  1. Due to the wonders of facebook, I recently had a telephone conversation with my sister who has blanked me either accidentally or negligently for about twenty years. I also managed to arrange with her and my frail brother in Kent to send flowers to, whoops, _for_ a deceased uncle in Dorset. To many people, this may not sound like much, but you haven’t met the Poyners!

    The phone conversation wasn’t hugely lovey, but I guess there are limitations EVEN to our favourite social network.

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