The leadership contest

Well, I’ve made my predictions:

Turnout 63% (lower than might have been expected, due to combination of Kennedy nostalgia and difficulty for many punters of telling the candidates apart)

First round:
Menȝies Campbell 39%
Chris Huhne 36%
Simon Hughes 25%

Second round:
Menȝies Campbell 53%
Chris Huhne 47%

Andy Darley has a brilliant post (also here, minus his last entry) on the winners and losers of the campaign – I’m especially glad to see him list Martin Tod and Alex Wilcock among the winners, though a bit surprised that he doesn’t list Simon Hughes among the losers.

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  1. ravenskyewalker says:

    This book makes me grumpy, period, because I’m a female fan who still prefers Old Who, so am apparently a freak. Yes, I do like the Eleventh Doctor, but New Who hasn’t pleased me much until Eleven, and guess what, modern fandom? Old Who had lots of female fans, which I saw any time I went to a convention or read a fanzine. But no, only New Who is “attractive” to female fans, I guess because the Tenth Doctor is “hot” and angsty. After all the bizarre gushing I’ve seen about how the Tenth Doctor is the Best Doctor Ever because he’s so Hot, I just don’t care to read more about that experience. And I’m not a “chick,” thanks very much to whoever came up with that title. *rolls eyes*

    I’ll read it someday, but am in no hurry at all. :-/

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