The Mary Sue meme

Or a slight variation on it. Searching for my full name on Amazon pulls up 10 results. 7 are references to me, 1 is the 19th century New York architect Nicholas Whyte, and 1 seems to be a confusion between composers of different tracks on a CD. But the tenth, Twilight Whispers by Barbara Delinsky, has me as a character in a romantic novel:

Their children were no less striking, though in truth they were not children, for they ranged in age from thirty to forty-four. There was the oldest, Nicholas Whyte, somber yet dashing, the heir apparent to the Whyte Estate, and his wife Angie, a stunning woman who had been the cause of many a broken heart when she had removed Nicholas from the ranks of the eligible ten years before.

It looks dire. But I can live with “somber yet dashing”. Even if I prefer to spell it “sombre”.

One thought on “The Mary Sue meme

  1. Clyde … tells his father to catch himself on.

    How very NornIrish of him! 😉

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