The overnights meme

The overnights meme:

List the places where you spent a night away from home this year, marking places where you spent two or more non-consecutive nights with an asterisk.

(Just back from a week in the US and not planning to add any more, though I said that last year and then found myself doing one last international trip the weekend after Christmas!)

*London, England
*Sofia, Bulgaria
*Paris, France
Dublin, Ireland
*Belfast, Northern Ireland
Sulaimania, Iraq
*Belgrade, Serbia
Heathrow, England
*Loughbrickland, Northern Ireland
Kiev, Ukraine
Kotor, Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro
Zürich, Switzerland
Barcelona, Spain
Senningerberg, Luxembourg
Abuja, Nigeria
Portslade, England
*Kidderminster, England
Skopje, Macedonia
Abergavenny, Wales
Windsor, England
Geneva, Switzerland 
Sandweiler, Luxembourg
Bruges, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium (office Christmas party!)
New York, NY, USA
Washington, DC, USA

That’s 28 places, a new record; also my first time visiting either Iraq or Nigeria.

Other countries visited without overnights:

Germany (transits to Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg going the long way round, also day in Berlin)
Turkey (Iraq transit)
Poland (day in Warsaw and Ukraine transit)
Croatia (Montenegro transit)
Italy (Montenegro transit)

Total of 21 countries which again I think is a record for any single year since I started tallying. My lifetime total is now 53 (or 54 depending on the status of the Latrun Interchange and East Jerusalem).

Previous years: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006.