One thought on “The post-election breakfast

  1. You have misread Job.

    Job condemns God as amoral. His friends are horrified, and insist that God rewards the good and punishes the evil. God responds by threatening Job for condemning God. Then he offers to reward Job for speaking truth, and to punish Job’s friends for speaking falsely. The clear implication is that Job was right to describe God as amoral, but wrong to condemn God for his amorality. No other interpretation makes sense of the entirety of the text.

    “briefly given voice to speak to someone who foolishly thought they knew what was going on in the world.”

    It is the explicit narrative position of the Book of Job that Job did, in fact, know EXACTLY what was going on in the world. The literal voice of God validates it. There was no bigger picture that Job was missing. There was a bigger person, who could enforce his amoral power with violence.

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