The Soros business

Quite apart from the absurd mutterings by the Speaker of the House of Representatives about George Soros maybe getting money from drug dealers, I see Paul Johnson is now having a go:

Perhaps the most sinister Kerry ally is the international financier George Soros, who boasts that he will devote huge chunks of his fortune to buying a Democratic victory. Soros has always struck me as an embodiment of the Marxist caricature of “finance-capitalism,” a sinister spider figure weaving his webs across frontiers. He has a long record of interfering in the internal affairs of central and eastern European countries. Much of his wealth comes from his successful efforts to devalue the pound sterling at the time of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, which inflicted significant damage on the welfare of the British people. No other financier of modern times has made such abusive use of his money to exercise power; I am tempted to recall the famous saying of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, written for him by Rudyard Kipling-that this is “Power without responsibility-the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.”

Joe Grossberg has tackled the spider bit already. But I

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  1. ‘The Knight’ remains on my to-read bookshelf, maybe 3 years after I picked it up second-hand. I bounced off in the first chapter.

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