The travel curse

There seems to be some kind of sinister travel curse going around. I turned up too early for my flight yesterday, and I see on my f-list one tale of woe involving getting on the wrong train last night, and another about a missed plane this morning. Commiserations to those concerned, especially the latter case which involves missing at least part of WisCon.

I hope this curse isn’t too long-lasting. Tomorrow morning I have a 7 am flight from Geneva to Lisbon, and if all goes well I should fly straight on from there to Madeira. Where, I should point out, the forecast is for 20° and overcast; in Switzerland for the last two days it has been 28° and sunny. (Temperatures are 68° and 82° respectively for Fahrenheit addicts.)

Home very late on Sunday.

One thought on “The travel curse

  1. One of these days, I will tap along correctly to that double shave-and-a-haircut at the end.

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