Three questions

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1) Why am I being such a lazyass about showering?

Because you are an internet addict, and also because there is nobody currently in the same country as you that you feel the need to clean up for 😉

2) Why is it so friggin’ hot here when it’s supposed to be almost winter?

Because you’re not very far south of the Tropic of Capricorn. According to this graph the average daily temperature will drop to a mere 18°C, 65°F, in July. What did you expect, Central Europe? 😉

3) How are you today?

Well, today only just started. I hope to try and finish work on this Kosovo paper in the next few hours. But so far I’m awake and apparently healthy which is all you can ask for.

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  1. chickenfeet2003 says:

    Remember the outrage(1) when the Lancet article suggested a similar number?

    It really sickens me that we now have a so-called International Criminal Court that spends tons of time and money going after relatively minor figures from powerless countries while the likes of Blair, Bush and Cheney are untouchable.

    (1)Outrage at the authors not the deaths of course.

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