Thursday Reading

Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy
Turner’s Taoisigh, by Martin Turner
Are You My Mother?, by Alison Bechdel

Last books finished
Circe’s Cup, by Clare Carroll
The Ultimate Treasure, by Christopher Bulis
The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft, by Claire Tomalin

Last week’s audios
Welcome to Night Vale Eps 43-49A

Next books
Domino Effect, by David Bishop
Getting the Buggers to Behave, by Sue Cowley

Books acquired in last week
A Sunless Sea, by Anne Perry
So, Anyway…, by John Cleese
The Very Pointless Quiz Book, by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
The Etymologicon, by Mark Forsyth

One thought on “Thursday Reading

  1. I think the lentils quote is actually damaging to Jack’s point, because if I was reading that headline and tagline in isolation, I would feel very justified in going ‘well, beggars can’t be choosers, if that’s the face of modern poverty – that people can’t satisfy their _preferences_ – we’re doing pretty well’. Which isn’t the content of the story at all.

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