Today’s quiz

What comes next?

  1. Narmer
  2. Aha
  3. Djer
  4. ?

And no sneaky Googling for the answer!

I confess I don’t think I had ever heard of Narmer, Aha or Djer, though they are the first of a very famous sequence.

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1 Response to Today’s quiz

  1. ext_1070352 says:

    I find it hard to imagine that even under the present government the legislation would be so sloppy that it didn’t provide for a Scottish government the Scottish people would understand rather than that which might have been preferred by James VIII.

    But the question of whether Scottish MPs withdraw or are expelled from Westminster before the next UK election is complicated by the point that if they do/are, the Tories will then have an absolute majority in the rump Union. The Lib Dems might not wish to see this happen.

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