Today’s sad historical news

Iowans are losing interest in President Herbert Hoover. What a shame. But the staff at his memorial library are thinking about ways of sexing up the 31st president for the new generation:

One idea is a video game that allows children to help Hoover make tough choices, such as putting people back to work or feeding children… Hoover staff are also taking the 31st president’s story into the schools by dressing as historic figures and talking to classes.

Hmm, I wonder which historical figures? The mind slowly boggles.

There is a square named after him in Leuven, thanks to his humanitarian work in Belgium during the first world war.

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  1. nwhyte says:

    Well, I think the link you give actually confirms your original version. For Dáil elections it is indeed physical ballot papers to the amount of the surplus which are transferred (so in the example I gave in the original post they would pick six at random from the eight). For elections with large numbers of voters I think that is excusable on grounds of efficiency.

    In Northern Ireland they transfer all the valid votes, taking things to the second decimal place, and in the panel elections for the Irish Senate they do the same but to the third. (Though perhaps not for much longer, and not for the university seats in any case.)

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