Tomorrow’s Presidential inauguration story:

After a disputed election result, it can be difficult to get the formalities right:

According to [new president’s campaign organiser], “in accordance with the law, the inauguration ceremony will be attended by parliamentarians, officials of the Supreme Court, CEC and the government.”

He said that no official invitations to participate in the ceremony had been sent. [!!!]

“We did not invite anybody. Everyone knows about it and if they decide to come, they will come,” [new president] said.

The security during the ceremony will be ensured by the units of the [local] Interior Ministry. Operatives have already received the plan of events, [campaign organiser] announced.

Right after the ceremony, the new president will immediately assume his responsibilities. According to [campaign organiser], it is possible that the presidential office will be occupied.

“If representatives of the incumbent president refuse to vacate the office, we will not storm it. There are plenty of offices around,” the [campaign organiser] emphasized.

Full details here.

Monday morning update: Let’s call the whole thing off.

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