Travel meme

Where were you born? Belfast
Where are you now? Brussels

When was the last time you crossed an international border on foot? accidentally really, wandering around Geneva airport in July between the French and Swiss entrances
…in a car? going to Bratislava from Vienna airport in November by taxi
…in a bus? oooh, years ago, probably the Irish border
…by train? coming back from Paris in October
…by boat? coming back from Ireland last August
…by plane? flying to Vienna in order to go to Bratislava in November

What is the farthest north you have ever been? Valamo monastery in Finland (61 ° north)
what is the farthest south you have ever been? Jerusalem (32 ° north)
Have you ever gone the whole way around the world? No.
If not, what is the farthest east you have ever been? Tbilisi, Georgia (45 ° east)
…and the farthest west? Marin County, California (122 &deg west)
(Thanks to the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection for help on this section. I see I haven’t even made it halfway round the world yet!)

Which country would you most like to visit, that you haven’t? Hmm. Russia, perhaps? Australia? Uzbekistan? Not sure.
Which country would you like to live in for the rest of your life? I’m fairly happy with Belgium.
Which country would you like to live in for a year? The United States. Crazy place but I think I could take twelve months without being driven mad.
Which country would you like to visit for a week? Russia or Australia or Uzbekistan. Or maybe South Africa.
Which country would you like to visit for a day? I always like having a day in London. Expensive and tiring but fantastic bookshops.
Which country do you plan to visit next? Germany, going to a conference in Munich next week.

And finally, how many countries have you been to? 39, I think. United Kingdom; Ireland; Italy; France; Canada; USA; Bulgaria; Romania; Malta; Spain; Andorra; the Netherlands; Belgium; Germany; Luxembourg; Austria; Slovenia; Croatia; Switzerland; Liechtenstein; Monaco; San Marino; Vatican City; Denmark; Sweden; Finland; Estonia; Portugal; Cyprus; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Hungary; Macedonia; Serbia and Montenegro (inc Kosovo); Israel; Moldova; Greece; Czech Republic; Georgia; and Slovakia. Doesn’t count Montenegro and Kosovo separately from Serbia, or Jerusalem/West Bank – yet.

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  1. Many of the ‘performed’ ticks are from movies for me. Hope that is acceptable.

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